Announcement: Leadership isn’t just a corporate thing

How you lead you in your personal life will ultimately show up in how you lead your team, department, company or organization. It will influence everything you try to create in your personal life and relationships as well as your business life and relationships.

There is a ‘magic’ to leading ourselves first and foremost.  And magic in it for us and our relationships across the board.

Personal leadership is not only necessary in our lives, it’s required. Powerful, authentic, passionate deep personal leadership is the fundamental building block to creating the lives and relationships you say you want to have.

To create and co-create lives filled with passion, purpose, feelings, connection and hope requires us to learn to lead ourselves from the fullest sense and depth of our our own personal power, presence and grace.

Deep Personal Leadership is about getting to the ‘root’ of what is common to leadership for all the arenas of your life: work, home, family, community, social, civic and more. It’s about building your capacity and competency in the areas of self awareness, self management and emotional literacy.

It’s about helping you create the capacity to build powerful relationships inside and outside of work, starting with the relationship you have with yourself. Relationships that will support you, nurture you and sustain you the next time the VUCA comes.

VUCA = Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous conditions in life.

And the VUCA is coming again. It always does.

In our workshops we commit to creating a safe place for you to finally take a fierce and compassionate look at how integrity, accountability and responsibility, truth telling, emotional literacy and vulnerability, and a passionate sense of purpose either guide you every day in and outside of work..or they don’t.

We offer:

  • Deep personal and organizational leadership coaching & mentoring
  • 1/2 to 3 day experiential workshops around Deep Personal Leadership
  • Deep Personal Leadership workshops for intact teams and groups
  • Ongoing support, mentoring, coaching and guidance for your and your team