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Jim YPO TTT Alexandria VAJim Mitchell, Practical Transformationalist.

Jim Mitchell is a native Arizonan and recognized personal and corporate leadership development specialist and leadership consultant. He facilitates vulnerability-based leadership, emotional intelligence-based leadership, deep personal leadership, advanced communication skills, conflict resolution, personal vision, mission and purpose, culture change and performance acceleration and improvement workshops for a variety of individuals and clients around the globe.

He currently works as a corporate leadership consultant facilitating the building of high performance groups, cultures, teams and individual as well as offering ‘vulnerability’ based leadership coaching, consulting and facilitation to individuals as and organizations large and small. He has many thousands of hours of experience coaching, leading and guiding individuals and teams into Deep Leadership and Deep Relationship as well as having many thousands of facilitated workshop hours.

Jim uniquely combines 18 years in the corporate prison, 15 of that in middle and upper management with a top 10 bank with 20+ years of doing his own deep transformation work with 20+ years of  doing and leading deeply transformational mens work around the world.  His insights into how change and transformation happen to individuals, groups, teams and cultures is delivered with passion, authenticity, feelings and humor as well as sharing deeply from his own growth and learning.

My personal and corporate mission:  “To create sacred spaces where individuals, teams and groups can tell the compassionate truth to themselves, and each other, building vulnerable and deep relationships that can support, nurture and mentor them in order to further their own and each others’ learning, growth, transformation and success”

Jim began his own personal journey of growth, discovery, uncovery, recovery and transformation 26  years ago after the Universe got his attention the hard way. He has been active internationally in the men’s growth and leadership movement for twenty+ years, as well as lending support and leadership to a variety of not for profit organizations doing good in the world.

His passion and avocation has been supporting and leading initiation and rites of passage weekend experiences for a diverse group of men around the world from Mexico to England to South Africa to Australia, for lifers in Folsom Prison, for boys 12-17 years old and for African American men and women. He is fiercely passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.

Current and former clients include Spreetail.com, Glassdoor.com, Compass Learning, Colliers Real Estate, Dental Marketing and Management LLC, Young Presidents Organization (YPO), the Allegis Group companies, PingIdentity, The UPS Stores of Canada, Healthnet of California, Kaiser Permanente, Global Language Solutions, Sentinel Development, Palomar Outdoor School, Southern California Edison, Raytheon Company, and Bank One of Arizona.

In addition, he offers and has facilitated hundreds of his own deep personal leadership workshops to men and women in the general public including Integrating Deep Personal Leadership™, Embracing Your Own Brilliance™, Power Tools for Powerful Living™, Presence, Power and Passion :  The Art of Deep Personal Leadership™, Money Shadows™, Embracing the Power and Potential of Your Archetypes™ and What’s it Going To Take For You To GTFU?™

Jim is known for creating safe and sacred containers where deep personal transformation can happen individually and collectively. He takes the “woojie woojie” out of growth and transformation and replaces it with real ‘feet on the ground’ practices and results. And a bit of magic for good measure!  Practical Transformation.

Jim currently lives in Phoenix Arizona.

Or in seat 2C on almost any American Airlines flight!


Jim Mitchell
Practical Transformationalist