Executive Retreats

(1.5 – 2.5 days, offsite)

The leadership team in your organization is the single best determinant of and has the most influence on organizational success, whatever your goals and desired outcomes.

It is essential that leadership teams go ‘offline’ for a few days each year, not only to work on things like Vision, Targets and Goals, Strategy and Tactics….but to work on themselves individually and as a team.

To work on how deep their relationships are with each other. To work on how much trust or distrust is part of those relationships. To work on how and how much they cooperate, collaborate and communicate. To work on how transparent they are with each other. To work on getting to know each other beyond the job titles and organizational responsibilities. To work on how committed they are to their own and each others’ success. To work on being Vision driven, personal and corporate, vs. being fear driven. To work on playing to win vs. playing not to lose. To work on creating an environment that is robust with the feedback each person needs to make effective course corrections in their leadership opportunities. To work on their challenges with self-care while in these very demanding roles.

In other words….to work on themselves. Individually and collectively.

It is necessary, required if you will, to get out of the daily grind of the business, get away from the 1001 fires that need to be put out, to get away from the tactical and the strategic and focus on the RELATIONAL for a while.

Focusing on the RELATIONAL gives the team and its members a chance to:

• Increase personal and operational trust
• Increase transparency
• Increase effective and truthful communications
• Build rapport and support for individual and team success
• Build relationship depth that supports thriving, connection and community
• Implement Taking Total Responsibility™ and being Fully Accountable™
• Understand and avoid individual and team Power Hijacks™
• Understand and develop individual and team Vision
• Understand and create Rules of Engagement and Code of Team Behavior
• Build a Feedback Robust Environment™
• Decrease FEAR

When was the last time you and your leader team/executive team worked on itself?
That was too long ago.
It’s time!