For the past 25 years Jim has had the reputation of being a very motivational and transformational speaker.

Whether he is speaking to your club, your men’s group or women’s group, your department, team, organization, or company, he brings a message that is both moving and uplifting and speaks to the group where they live, in their hearts and in their souls. And in their desire to be the best leaders, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, partners and friends they could possibly be.

He incorporates his well developed sense of ┬áhumor, his own stories and backstory, his experiences pursuing his own growth and learning the past 25 years, his intuition and his vision, to help individuals, teams and groups deepen their relationships with each other, engender trust and truth, release fears and really focus on the ‘stuff’ they know matters most in their work and home lives. ┬áHe He helps them find their highest and best destiny, their unique calling and purpose and to create in a new way of being with those they work with, those they live with and those in their lives.