For the past 7  years Jim has worked with YPO Chapters and Forums all over the US, Canada, Mexico and South America.  He is a Certified Forum Resource and  a Certified Transformational Forum Resource.
You can find evaluations of the kind of work he does,  his facilitation style and his impact on MyYPO under Resources.
Here is what some Members have said about working with Jim:
“Be ready for a deep journey!”

“He is the best forum resource I have seen in all of my YPO/WPO years”

“Powerful ability to connect with the forum, in addition to connecting the forum”

“Jim has fantastic people skills and a way of getting everyone very involved immediately”

“Jim was very professional, knew his content extremely well and also down to earth.  Great facilitator!”

“Informed, open, sensitive”

“…great moderator. very focused and engaging”

“For me, Jim is the best facilitator my forum has ever had in 12 years of retreats”

“Exceptional, took us to another level”

“Jim’s approach is a very grounded and direct approach to creating more meaningful relationships; forum, personal, business, etc.   His ability to engage the participants in a “real” and meaningful manner is very impactful”

“Most authentic facilitator I have ever had. Loved Loved”

“A fantastic resource, really made a difference in our Forum”

“I already recommend Jim to some friends from YPO”

“If your forum is ready to dive deep – really deep, then hire Jim.  You will be exhausted and exhilarated after your retreat with Jim.  I feel our forum is now stronger than ever!”

“I do not rate YPO events/resources a 10 because rarely is something truly perfect.  Jim gets an 11 from me”

“His ability to listen, observe, and adapt/pivot based on individuals in our group was amazing.  he is smart, knowledgeable and effective. We moved forward, thanks to Jim”

“He really got to the heart of the matter and got us talking on a much deeper level than previously.  He had some absolutely ground breaking exercises”

“Articulate, wise and experienced.  My take away was that, after a year of struggling with transformational forum, I have a good understanding of how we’re supposed to “work it”

“A combination of Jim’s insight in both the formal sessions, as well over two informal dinners. Jim has the capability to teach and provide insight in both environments.”

“Jim was outstanding navigating through difficult situations. He was able to keep us focused. We had a lot of key take aways. Gave us best practices to help us run our meetings going forward.”

“Jim’s style was perfectly suited to our Forum.   He offered a good mix of practical tools and insight as well as the ability to let the Forum work on its own issues. I would highly recommend him to other Forum groups.”