Jim Mitchell,

Practical Transformationalist.

Hi. I’m Jim Mitchell, and I’m a practical transformationalist. What does that mean? I take the “woojie woojie” out of growth and transformation and replace it with real, feet-on-the-ground practices that get results for more efficiency and power in all areas of your life.

I’m committed to practices you can use immediately to improve your work, family, life, and relationships. Practices that help you show up for yourself and for others in a deliberate, conscious, and powerful way. Practices that foster deep transformation you can see.

These practices are so effective they feel like magic—even though they’re anything but!

I use Leadership Magic in corporate settings, with individuals, and in organizations, large and small. My goal is to help build high-performance groups, cultures, and individuals through vulnerability-based leadership coaching, consulting, and facilitation.

I currently live in Tempe, Arizona—or in seat 2C on almost any American Airlines flight!

Deep Experience

How did I become a ‘practical transformationalist’? By taking the long road! That road has taken me through:

  • 18 years in the corporate prison (15 of those in management at a top-ten bank)
  • 30-plus years of doing my own deep transformation work, or Soulwork
  • 20-plus years of leading transformational men’s work around the world

I’ve put in many thousands of hours leading transformational workshops and retreats, and have spent just as much time coaching and guiding individuals and teams. My special passion and avocation has been supporting and leading rites of passage for men around the world—from Mexico to England to South Africa to Australia; for lifers in Folsom Prison; for adolescent boys; and for African American men and women. I am fiercely passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.

To create sacred spaces where individuals, teams, and groups can tell the compassionate truth to themselves and each other, building vulnerable and deep relationships that can support, nurture, and mentor them in order to further their own and each other’s learning, growth, transformation, and success.
Personal Mission
Jim Mitchell, Leadership Magic


Current and former clients include Blind.com, Boys to Men Mentoring, Clase Azul Tequilas, DMC Construction, DEB Construction, Eagle Promotions, Hedgeye Risk Management, LLC, New Meridian, Hylands.com Yelp.com, Logic Real Estate, Ovation Real Estate, Popcornopolis.com, TallWave.com, Task Rabbit.com,  Harness.com, Nylas.com, Thrive Aviation, Spreetail.com, VIPConnectDesk.com, Western HVAC, Glassdoor.com, Compass Learning, Colliers Real Estate, Young Presidents Organization (YPO), the Allegis Group companies.