Executive Retreats/Executive Team Retreats

(1.5 – 2.5 days, offsite)

The leadership team in your organization is the single best determinant of and has the most influence on organizational success, whatever your goals and desired outcomes.

It is essential that leadership teams go ‘offline’ for a few days each year, not only to work on things like Vision, Targets and Goals, Strategy and Tactics….but to work on themselves individually and collectively as a team.

To work on how deep their relationships are with each other. To work on how much trust or distrust is part of those relationships. To work on how and how much they cooperate, collaborate and communicate. To work on how transparent they are with each other. To work on getting to know each other beyond the job titles and organizational responsibilities. To work on how committed they are to their own and each others’ success. To work on being Vision driven, personal and corporate, vs. being fear driven. To work on playing to win vs. playing not to lose. To work on creating an environment that is robust with the feedback each person needs to make effective course corrections in their leadership opportunities. To work on their challenges with self-care while in these very demanding roles.

In other words….to work on themselves. Individually and collectively.

It is necessary, required if you will, to get out of the daily grind of the business, get away from the 1001 fires that need to be put out, to get away from the tactical and the strategic and focus on the RELATIONAL for a while.

Focusing on the RELATIONAL gives the team and its members a chance to:

• Increase personal and operational trust
• Increase transparency
• Increase effective and truthful communications
• Build rapport and support for individual and team success
• Build relationship depth that supports thriving, connection and community
• Implement Taking Total Responsibility™ and being Fully Accountable™
• Understand and avoid individual and team Power Hijacks™
• Understand and develop individual and team Vision
• Understand and create Rules of Engagement and Code of Team Behavior
• Build a Feedback Robust Environment™
• Decrease FEAR

When was the last time you and your leader team/executive team worked on itself?
That was too long ago.
It’s time!

What People Say About Jim

Excellent speaker. Good at what he does I’m sure. The content he delivered was all about being a great facilitator and for a moderator and coach. I’m glad he did not get into the weeds too much on the issues at hand. His basic layout and steps are for every forum meeting in the past and in the future. Good luck and thanks for all that you do.

one of the best YPO education events i’ve been to in a year. outstanding value.
It was one of the BEST YPOI sessions I have attended. It was a great way of answering many of the questions my Forum and an amazing guide for next steps.
Jim was excellent. He gave practical tools in a matter of fact style.

“What I would say depends to some degree on to whom I am talking… In speaking to men in need of reclaiming their Kings, I would say that Jim is a man of much wisdom on matters of discovering, healing and empowering individuals through guiding them to intimate personal understanding of the archetypes. Jim Mitchell creates a container of trust using his many skills, his personal wisdom, his deep authenticity and most of all by modeling a powerful, passionate presence of total integrity and grace.”

“I would encourage others to trust the process and be open to all the information in this safe and comfortable environment. Regardless of where a person is in their life there are things to learn and insights to gain in this workshop. I believe your experience lends authenticity to the materials. You are not simply regurgitating information from some book you are sharing your years of accumulated wisdom and experience. Your caring and sincere nature shone through and anyone fortunate enough to attend your workshop will be forever transformed.”

“IMHO simply the best, get down to the meaty bits/peice of personal development facilitation I have experienced.”

“I appreciated JIm’s personal experiences shared it made it feel more comfortable. I really also liked the modeling of boundaries and openness it helped form the container of steel ( for me) It appears to me that the work has been in the making for a long time and the role modeling of following your sovereigns vision was very evident. Thank you:”

“That you have lived an authentic life that sources your talk – you model what you teach in a very grounded, sincere and approachable way. You are wise while remaining humble, strong without being domineering and have the deep compassion born from honoring the lessons your wounds have gifted you with. You tell it like it is with such a refreshing absence of preciousness, self-aggrandizement and with genuine interest in facilitating others’ experience of their own authenticity.”

“I thought Jim was a very good modeler of these matters. he showed impressive honesty and vulnerability with us…”

“Jim is a magician, very masterful skill in telling a story, full of textures, colors, pain, humor and humanity…”

“This is a huge question…….my very brief answer is that I feel that Jim’s frameworks WORK! (at least that’s my intuitive take on them…..it’s only been 2 days since the workshop ended). They are concise. They are easy to understand. They are thought provoking. Equally importantly, Jim’s power and wisdom brings these frameworks to life, and makes them even more accessible to the workshop participant.”

“I tell others that I have found Jim to be a very effective instructor and facilitator, and that I trust him to run a great workshop.”

“This was the 2nd or 3rd time I have heard the content of this workshop…it still has a profound impact and has awakened me once again to areas in my life that need attention and love. I love the container we created together. Having women onboard and hearing perspectives from the divine feminine was a huge plus.”

“Great frameworks, very insightful…that made it an even more powerful experience. Jim, your presence and enthusiasm were tremendous…….you “animated” the material and experience.”

“Exceeded my expectations and I am sitting in the day-after glow, with continued excitement and sense of ownership about how my life will enhance. I’ve done a lot of workshops and truly appreciated so much the tools, the concise and authentic explanations and how the way you held a space that allowed for the beauty and wisdom of each participant to flower and contribute to the whole. I really appreciated how you flowed with the energetic needs of the various sections and continued to attune and refine in response to the living breathing body of the workshop.”

“I have to say that the workshop got better and better…”

“You’re on the bleeding edge with this work Jim. And in my opinion it’s helpful and practical without all the pycho babble. Nice job.”

Leadership Magic

Deep Personal Leadership for Work and Life

with Jim Mitchell