YPO Retreats

Whether you are in a Member Forum, a Spouse Forum, a YNG Forum, or a Network Forum, a meeting eventually comes when you look around at each other and silently ask, “Is this all there is?”

You feel like you’ve ‘fixed’ everything you can fix for each other. Now you’re tired … and a bit bored of hearing data-driven Updates about the kids, cars, vacations, airplanes, and “oh everything is just fine in my life.”

Updates go on forever … and hardly anyone does Presentations anymore. “We’ve presented everything possible!”

You NEED more.

You hunger for a deeper connection with your Forum members.

That’s the moment when it’s time to go deeper.

To develop a much more satisfying connection with each other.

To risk becoming more transparent, open, and vulnerable in your relationships with each other.

Jim Mitchell is a certified YPO Forum Resource as well as a certified Transformational Forum Resource. He facilitates 1–3 day, relationally based retreats designed to deepen and widen relationships among your Forum mates. In addition, Jim leads Forum Fundamentals, Moderator Development Training, and custom deliveries for Chapter and Network events.

Is your Forum is ready to go deeper?