Deep Personal Leadership for Work and Life

Leadership isn’t just a corporate thing

There is a ‘magic’ to leading ourselves first and foremost. That magic affects not only ourselves, but our relationships across the board.

Learning to lead ourselves

Authentic, passionate, and deep personal leadership is fundamental to creating the lives and relationships we say we want to have. How do we get there? By learning to lead ourselves from a full sense of our own personal power, presence, and grace.

build powerful relationships

Leadership Magic helps us build powerful relationships inside and outside of work—starting with the relationship we have with ourselves. These relationships will support us, nurture us, and sustain us the next time we’re faced with the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous conditions of life.

Deep Personal Leadership

Leadership Magic gets to the heart of leading in all our life arenas: work, home, family, community, social, civic, and more. It builds our capacity for self-awareness, self-management, and emotional literacy. It’s about being committed to a path of learning and transformation.

Leading Ourselves and Others
with Jim Mitchell

How you lead yourself in your personal life will ultimately show up in how you lead your team, department, company, or organization. It influences everything you try to create in your personal life and relationships, as well as your business life and relationships. And it contributes to everything you fail to create.

IN life

Personal Leadership

The cost of you not leading you each day with PRESENCE, POWER AND PASSION is too high.

at work

Corporate leadership

Being a successful leader at work requires the same skills you need to succeed at life.

in Forum


For 14 years, Jim has created impactful workshops & retreats for Chapters and Forums around the world.


Your life, a series of days, is built one day at a time.

What is Soulwork?

What is 'Soulwork'?

Soulwork usually begins with a realization that has been a long time coming. It comes from a longing to create a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourself.
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Working on the heart and soul

Building Optimal Performance Individuals

You’ve found the right workshop if you’re hungry to reach your next level of deep personal leadership.
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What We offer

In our workshops, we create a safe place for you to take a fierce and compassionate look at how integrity, accountability, responsibility, truth-telling, emotional literacy, vulnerability, and a passionate sense of purpose either guide you in and outside of work … or don’t.

We offer:

  • Deep personal and organizational leadership coaching & mentoring
  • 1.5- to 2-day experiential workshops
  • Shorter workshops to help you address specific issues affecting your effectiveness and your relationships at work and in life
  • Ongoing support, mentoring, coaching, and guidance for you and your team

What People Say About Jim

There Is ‘Magic’ in Leading Ourselves First and Foremost—For Us and Our Relationships Across the Board.