Building Optimal Performance Individuals

A 1.5 experiential workshop focused on The Sacred Journey and The Dirt Nap, Personal Vision, Listening Big, Talking Big, Emotions and Feelings, and Communication Guidelines.

You’ve found the right workshop…

  • If you’re looking for a way to accelerate your growth and personal discovery
  • If you’re hungry to reach your next level of deep personal leadership
  • If you’re finally ready to stop playing small and to create the ‘sacred’ part of your Sacred Journey
  • If you’re open to looking at how you lead and how you fail to lead yourself with power and passion everyday
  • If you’re finally ready to close the gap between what you want in your relationships vs. what you’ve got

Building Optimal Performance Teams and Cultures

For graduates of Building Optimal Performance Individuals, this 1.5-day workshop explores the the difference between high-performance teams and single-leader working groups. You’ll learn about leadership, culture, focus, vision, relationship depth, agreements and commitments, and building a feedback-robust environment.

Take your Next Step in Deep leadership