What is ‘Soulwork’?

Soulwork usually begins with a realization that has been a long time coming.

Something. Isn’t. Right. In. My. Life.

And I think it’s me!

It is a call that comes from within. It is a truth that emerges from that quiet, still place deep inside all of us. It is a persistent beckoning, a longing to finally begin the work of creating a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourself.

Arising from that new place, new relationships are created with everyone and everything in your life.

Soulwork Is About …

It’s about taking a rigorously honest and compassionate look at my current life and relationships and seeing how it all lines up … or not … with my desired life and relationships.

It’s about finally having the courage to take a look at my history, my backstory … at the large and small experiences of my life that have shaped and formed me.

It’s about being willing to clearly see all that ‘stuff’ that is part and parcel of who I am today. To see it without judgment. But to recognize that some of that ‘stuff’ is not serving me, and it now has to be replaced with better and more effective ‘stuff’.

It’s about how I show up—and how I fail to show up—in my life today with presence, power, and passion.

It’s about embracing my joy and my sorrow, my pain and my happiness, my grief and my longing, my great successes and my outlandish failures.

It’s about looking at my anger and my fear, and learning to trust both.

It’s about coming to terms with my shame and my guilt, and healing both.

It’s about coming to a place where I can accept and bless all of me.

Without hesitation. Without doubt. Without needing me to be other than who I am and who I desire to be.

It’s about going inward … and downward.

It’s about time.

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