Executive Coaching

If you’re going to do even a small part of this transformation work, you might need someone to help you get through it. An ally. Friend. Mentor. Guide. Teacher.

That’s where I come in.

But first, ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to change? Are you willing to change? Some say they are, but they aren’t. Will it hurt more to stay the way you currently are, or to change?
  • Authenticity and vulnerability matter in today’s leadership. To the people that will work for you, they matter a lot. What’s the risk to you of changing? What’s the risk of staying the same?
  • Are you willing to get uncomfortable? There is no further growth for you in your current comfort zone. Are you sure you’re ready for the discomfort that comes with growth and transformation?
  • Are you willing to take Total Responsibility™ for what you want to create for yourself in your many lives?
  • Are you willing to be Fully Accountable™ for all your choices, conscious and unconscious, going forward?